Empowered Organizations

The challenges and rapidly changing social, political and economic landscape of the 21st century, are requiring significant transformation in the way business is done. This includes transforming the purpose, structure, governance, culture and behavior of organizations. In order to thrive in the 21st century, it is imperative that organizations evolve from hierarchical, siloed and competitive bureaucracies to a new generation of whole-systems organizations that are agile, adaptable, resilient, innovative, collaborative and socially responsible. This includes balancing the demand of shareholders to maximize profits with the needs of other stakeholders in the organization’s “ecosystem” including their customers, employees, business relationships, community, society and the planet (“Ecosystemic Stakeholders”).

The Empowerment Series examines the history and structure of corporations and other business entities and provides a new multi-structural hybrid form of organization and way of doing business - “Situationally Adaptive Organizations” (“SAOs”).

SAOs replace the hierarchical, bureaucratic, authority-driven and disempowering organizations of the past with highly functional, flexible, agile and multi-structured hybrid organizations that rapidly respond to circumstances with a tool chest of adaptable solutions, tools and processes to optimally address each situation as it arises and empower those with the greatest expertise to step into leadership.

Moreover, the Empowerment Series provides tools to

  • transform corporate relationships and culture

  • increase profits by doing eco-social good

  • effectively lead people and manage resources

  • set, communicate and achieve clear goals and objectives

  • increase market share through innovation and collaboration