AWE Centers

Abundance – Wellness – Empowerment

The AWE Regenerative Innovation Centers and AWE Co-Working Centers are designed to help its members powerfully manifest their highest potential and impact on global transformation. This is done by providing highly inspiring and personally fulfilling experiences, environments and communities that foster personal growth, optimal wellness and the resources to accelerate and exponentiate entrepreneurial endeavors devoted to ecosystemic thriving and world of Abundance, Wellness & Empowerment.

AWE Co-Working Centers

Each AWE Co-Working Center is designed to provide the healthiest, most inspiring and conscious co-working spaces in the world. This is done by integrating the following:

  • Healthy, beautiful and clean co-working space

  • Wellness center with yoga, martial arts, tai chi, retrofitted exercise desks, meditation space and open space conference rooms designed for stretching and movement

  • Organic gourmet food cafe

  • Mentoring and personal development programs

  • An internet and mobile platform that matches and connects a community of stakeholders (e.g., investors, entrepreneurs, personnel, project developers, vendors and customers) to engage value exchange

  • Mentorship that helps entrepreneurs obtain the resources for their success (e.g., capital, people, connections, market, technology)

  • Programs, workshops and events that foster personal growth, transformation and ecosystemic thriving including

    • Creating optimal wellbeing and vitality

    • Maximizing productivity and work-life balance

    • Enlightened leadership and Situationally Adaptive Organizations

    • Innovative entrepreneurship

    • Building the Regenerative Economy

    • Developing financial freedom, abundance, gratitude and generosity

    • Compassionate Communication

    • Engaging in loving, authentic and profound relationships

    • Finding your Super Powers an applying them to fulfilling, enriching and meaningful work in service to the well-being of people & planet

    • Evolutionary consciousness

AWE Regenerative Innovation Centers

Each AWE Regenerative Innovation Center is designed to be an exemplary campus for regenerative innovation, education, optimal wellness and community engagement for environmental, social and economic benefit.

The mission of the AWE Regenerative Innovation Centers is to foster and accelerate the multi-trillion dollar “Regenerative Economy” devoted to the thriving of people and the planet’s ecosystems (“Ecosystemic Thriving”).

The Regenerative Economy includes providing affordable, abundant and accessible pure water, nutritious food, clean energy, healthy live-work environments and renewable materials locally as well as zero waste.

The foundational objectives of the campus are to do the following:

  • Foster and accelerate the Regenerative Economy

  • Support eco-social entrepreneurs in obtaining the resources they need to succeed

  • Stimulate businesses and innovation that promote an abundance of, and access to, pure water, nutritious food, renewable energy, healthy shelter, regenerative education, optimal wellness, smart communities & cities and conscious capital

  • Develop opportunities, skills and capacities required for meaningful work in service to Ecosystemic Thriving

  • Develop greater love, connection and unity in our communities and create a regenerative template that can be reproduced globally

Innovation Focus


Next-Gen Atmospheric Water Generation, Living Machine wastewater treatment, Grey water and black water recycling, Desal


Soil Regeneration, Permaculture, Smart Farms (e.g., Robotics, Real-Time Sensors/Data), Systems Integration, Natural Repellents, Algae Harvesting, Phyto-Medicines, Superfoods, Food Processing & Co-Packing

Biomaterials & BioScience

BioPlastics (e.g., Bread Fruit), Bio-Buiding Materials, (e.g., biocrete, biosteel, woodfibers, biopolymers), Biocompatible Medical Products (e.g., materials for skin, bone, teeth and collagen replacement)

Bio-Energetic Soil & Water Remediation

Processes that use earth minerals (e.g., zeolite, humate), electrocoagulation, microbes and fungi to naturally, rapidly and cost effectively clean and remediate soil and water

Renewable Energy & Fuels

Solar, Wind, Goethermal, Tidal, Waste to Energy (Biochar, Syngas) and Biofuels R&D and Teaching Lab

Living Buildings & Communities

Smart Buildings with Integrated Water, Food, Energy, Waste & Waste Recycling / Upcycling Systems, Internet of Things, Sensors & Monitoring, Locally grown / harvested building materials

Optimal Wellness

Exercise, Diet & Nutrition, Environmental Connection, Mindfulness , Stress Relief, Natural Remedies, Superfoods, Cleansing, Personal Growth

Earth Wisdom & Biomimicry

Learning from Nature, Indigenous Wisdom, Imitation of Nature’s Solutions


Convening “whole tanks” of experts in whole systems/ecology, renewable energy, design, economics/investment and makers with community collaboration to solve the world’s biggest challenges

Conscious Capital & Decentralized Transactions

Eco-Social Impact Investments, Qualitative Economic Metrics, Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Zero-Point Reputation-Based Economy

Waste Upcycling

Waste-to-Energy, Waste-to-Materials, Composting

Whole Tanks

Convening Whole-Tanks (heads, hearts, hands & wallets)


With an aggregate of over 500 years of relevantexperience in the following areas, the management of AWE Centers has the expertise and skills to successfully execute the development.

  • Regenerative Planning & Design

  • Finance & Fundraising

  • Architecture, Engineering, Infrastructure Design & Construction

  • Socially Responsible Real Estate & Community Development

  • Program/Project Management & Operations

  • Agriculture

  • Entrepreneurialism

  • Marketing

  • Law

  • Education, Event Programming & Program Development  

  • Public Works, Governmental Programs & Commercial Business Enterprise

  • Optimal Wellness

  • Eco-Social Entrepreneurship Acceleration and Investment

Programs for Individuals


The AWE Consciousness Series: With research-based experiential learning that integrates health and wellness; emotional intelligence; limited belief repatterning; environmental transformation; personal development; the power of imagination; and generative manifestation, the AWE Consciousness Series provides foundational tools for a balanced and integrated life of AWE.


The Abundance Series: This series provides an understanding of abundance as a state of being rather than a state of having. Generating our future from an inner state of abundance provides with us great powers of manifestation. This series provides tools to fulfill our highest life’s purpose and live in true abundance including:

  • The Law of “AttrAction” (because half of Attraction is Action)”

  • Quantum Multi-Dimensional Manifestation (“QMDM”),

  • AWE Consciousness Activation

  • Living in AWE

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The Wellness Series: The Wellness Series provides a framework for achieving optimal health, vitality and wellness with a powerful new wellness program called M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. - a holistic and regenerative system of wellness that integrates the following:

  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Optimized States of Being

  • Exercise & Breath

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Internal Cleansing & Detoxification

  • Contentment, Rest, Sleep & Rejuvenation

  • Intimacy, Love & Connection

  • Natural, Environmental & Ecosystemic Thriving

  • Energetic Activation & Epigenetics


The Enlightenment Series: Our minds continually engage in stimulus-response process, making meaning and constructing “reality.” Our viewpoint and what we experience is not truth or reality, but merely our response to stimulus and information from which we create meaning and our world. This workshop series provides guidance on mindfulness, observation, inquiry, equanimity, interconnectedness and the power of creative choice. The Enlightenment Series provides us an opportunity to find inner peace and clarity, redefine our “reality” and go on a journey beyond ego, belief systems, habitual thoughts birth, death, emotion, time and space into oneness.

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The Empowerment Series for Individuals: Each of us holds a special and unique consciousness, character and individual perspective of the universe, our world and reality. Our thoughts, perceptions, emotions, feelings and behavior contribute to the collective “Global Human Agreement” that defines our society and the way humanity experiences “reality” on this planet. The Global Human Agreement, in turn, influences our individual perspective and experience of “reality” creating a feedback loop that is often self-reinforcing. Read More.

Programs for Organizations

Innovation and Business at the Speed of Light: If you don’t want to compete, innovate! Fostering innovation requires empowering individuals and teams to imagine, innovate, create and develop solutions, products and services that often don't exist, are unproven or don’t have current market demand. In a world of globalized competition, innovation is vital to the success of companies in the 21st century. The programs, consulting, and training help organizations rapidly adapt to, innovate, and thrive in, these rapidly changing times. Read More.

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Whole Systems Business: Using whole-systems applications and inclusive approaches, AWE helps businesses maximize revenues, profits and growth while concurrently creating significant benefits for customers, shareholders, employees, strategic relations, society and the planet.  Our offerings lead to synergistic win-win solutions with widespread adoption and high impact results that fulfill the objectives of the organization. Read More.

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AWE's 7-Phase Success System: Helps enterprise stakeholders employee benefits into increased revenues, profits and growth for the company while concurrently reducing health care costs, stress, absenteeism, inefficiency, low self esteem, fear, pettiness, blame and expensive disempowering processes. Read More.


Empowered Organizations: By empowering individuals and teams, organizations become more efficient and productive.  By increasing informed and trained individuals to engage in empowered decision making, organizations can shed the delay and inefficiency caused by hierarchical structures with layers of costly and time-consuming micro-management, rules and procedures. Empowered employees and organizations are more innovative, effective and productive as well as having higher morale and collaboration. Moreover, these organizations tend to be transformative leaders in their industries. Read More.

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Enlightened Leadership: The Executive Oracle Series and Sustainability Series are offered to business leaders to educate, inform and train executives as agents of personal, business, social, environmental and economic transformation. This is accomplished by providing executives with a powerful array of tools, workshops and trainings that integrate new paradigm business, ancient wisdom, biomimicry and creative manifestation to give executives the ability to optimally address the myriad of challenges, changes and situations that frequently arise from doing business in today’s fast paced world. Read More.


Whole & Healthy Organizations: Being a Whole & Healthy Organization increases profits, productivity and positive brand equity as well as improving the health & morale of your employees, stimulating innovation and decreasing health care costs and absenteeism. There is substantial evidence that supports significant ROI for programs that include employee health and sustainable practices. In the rapidly changing interconnected information age, companies with whole & healthy practices excel. Read More.

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Situationally Adaptive Organizations (“SAOs”): Accelerate organizational decision-making, effectiveness and competency by leveraging flexible leadership and organizational models based upon skill and experience rather than authority and title. This program helps organizations more deeply understand their vision, purpose, mission, goals and objectives (“VPMGOs”) and develop governance structures that accelerate and exponentiate the success of the organization in alignment with its VPMGOs. Read More.