Success System


AWE’s 7-Phase Success System helps enterprise stakeholders employee benefits into increased revenues, profits and growth for the company while concurrently reducing health care costs, stress, absenteeism, inefficiency, low self esteem, fear, pettiness, blame and expensive disempowering processes.

Augmenting the foundational AWE programs, the Enterprise Offerings of AWE Centers focus on increasing the health, vitality, awareness, energy, communication, teamwork, productivity, efficiency and morale of employees.  Using AWE’s 7-Phase Success System, we work with corporate stakeholders and staff to in developing synergistic adoption backed evolutionary success metrics that integrate whole person/whole-organization approaches into the fabric of the organization.  The 7-Phase Success System accomplishes these objectives as follows:

  1. Define the challenges, goals and objectives of the organization within the size and scope of its commitment

  2. Engage in discovery, research and develop metrics for objectively measuring the success of the engagement and resulting implementation

  3. Architect solutions and programs that fulfill the requirements of the organization in alignment with the objective metrics of success

  4. Develop such RFP’s as are required to fulfill successful implementation of the agreed programs and initiatives

  5. Implement the programs pursuant to plan, timelines and budgets

  6. Measure and obtain program adoption and integration

  7. Measure and review success of programs with surveys and metrics