Whole Systems Business

Our “Whole Systems Business” programs, training, consulting and design services for leadership, businesses and organizations are based upon integrated, results-driven and wisdom-based systems and technologies. Our offerings focus on working with companies to increase their revenues, profits and growth from activities that are good for people and planet. Our offerings lead to widespread adoption and high impact results that fulfill the objectives of the organization, including the following: 



  • Health Care Claims and Costs

  • Inferior Employee Health, Absenteeism and Poor Morale

  • Reliance on Inefficient and Wasteful Policies and Procedures

  • Bureaucracy, Rigidity and Redundancy

  • Internal Competitiveness and Lack of Cooperation

  • Toxicity, Waste and Pollution

  • Community and Social Callousness and Disconnection

  • Mistrust with Customers and Supply Chain

  • Negativity, Blame, Fault, Secrecy and Miscommunication

  • Tarnished Brand and Public Image


  • Revenues, Profits and Growth

  • Teamwork and Adoption of Beneficial Programs

  • Vitality, Health, Morale and Productivity of Employees

  • Culture of Teamwork, Inclusion, Acceptance and Abundance

  • Positive, Enthusiastic, Life Affirming Attitudes

  • Organizational Efficiency 

  • Communication, Understanding, Clarity and Transparency

  • Innovation, Quality and Market Differentiators

  • Equitability, Honesty and Cooperation

  • Corporate Wisdom, Social Impact and Environmental Responsibility