Situationally Adaptive Organizations (“SAOs”)

Situationally Adaptive Organizations accelerate organizational decision-making, effectiveness and competency by leveraging flexible leadership and organizational models based upon skill and experience rather than authority and title. This program helps organizations more deeply understand their vision, purpose, mission, goals and objectives (“VPMGOs”) and develop governance structures that accelerate and exponentiate the success of the organization in alignment with its VPMGOs.

While there has been significant exploration into organizational change, most of the organizational change models have not used an integrated, whole systems and flexible approach where form (e.g., structure and governance) follows function (e.g., purpose, vision, mission, objectives, goals, and increasing the quality of life).

The flexibility of Situationally Adaptive Organizations (“SAOs”), unlike single-structure organizational models, provides for an adaptable and resilient multi-structure model. Much like the saying, “If your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail,” most organizations today utilize monolithic, inefficient, rigid and dysfunctional hierarchical structures to address all circumstances. SAOs are like a tool box of flexible tools and structures. The situation and function dictate the structure and form to achieve optimal results in a majority of situations with the least amount of time, effort and energy.

There is a significant consensus that the prevailing hierarchical-bureaucratic profit-at-all-costs model does not effectively address the challenges of 21st century business nor the need for organizations to promote social and ecological responsibility that enhances the quality of life and thriving of people and planet. Clearly, new models for organizational structures, governance and business that are holistic, adaptable and efficient are needed to thrive in the 21st century.

In this program, the VPMGOs of the organization are reviewed, evolved, clarified and memorialized. In alignment with the VPMGOs, “Post-Bureaucratic Organizational Models” including SAOs are reviewed to deliver the most effective and integrated models for accelerating and exponentiating the organization’s success in alignment with the organization's VPMGOs.