Programs for Individuals


The AWE Consciousness Series: With research-based experiential learning that integrates health and wellness; emotional intelligence; limited belief repatterning; environmental transformation; personal development; the power of imagination; and generative manifestation, the AWE Consciousness Series provides foundational tools for a balanced and integrated life of AWE.


The Abundance Series: This series provides an understanding of abundance as a state of being rather than a state of having. Generating our future from an inner state of abundance provides with us great powers of manifestation. This series provides tools to fulfill our highest life’s purpose and live in true abundance including:

  • The Law of “AttrAction” (because half of Attraction is Action)”

  • Quantum Multi-Dimensional Manifestation (“QMDM”),

  • AWE Consciousness Activation

  • Living in AWE

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The Wellness Series: The Wellness Series provides a framework for achieving optimal health, vitality and wellness with a powerful new wellness program called M.E.D.I.C.I.N.E. - a holistic and regenerative system of wellness that integrates the following:

  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Optimized States of Being

  • Exercise & Breath

  • Diet & Nutrition

  • Internal Cleansing & Detoxification

  • Contentment, Rest, Sleep & Rejuvenation

  • Intimacy, Love & Connection

  • Natural, Environmental & Ecosystemic Thriving

  • Energetic Activation & Epigenetics


The Enlightenment Series: Our minds continually engage in stimulus-response process, making meaning and constructing “reality.” Our viewpoint and what we experience is not truth or reality, but merely our response to stimulus and information from which we create meaning and our world. This workshop series provides guidance on mindfulness, observation, inquiry, equanimity, interconnectedness and the power of creative choice. The Enlightenment Series provides us an opportunity to find inner peace and clarity, redefine our “reality” and go on a journey beyond ego, belief systems, habitual thoughts birth, death, emotion, time and space into oneness.

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The Empowerment Series for Individuals: Each of us holds a special and unique consciousness, character and individual perspective of the universe, our world and reality. Our thoughts, perceptions, emotions, feelings and behavior contribute to the collective “Global Human Agreement” that defines our society and the way humanity experiences “reality” on this planet. The Global Human Agreement, in turn, influences our individual perspective and experience of “reality” creating a feedback loop that is often self-reinforcing. Read More.