Mark Chasan ESQ., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Mark Chasan is a whole-systems visionary integrator and regenerative practitioner with a track record as 1) a lawyer with over 30-years of experience in corporate, finance, business, media, technology and renewable energy (Managing Director of Exemplar Law), 2) an Internet entrepreneur & innovator with a public exit (Founder & CEO of Emusic); 3) a Fortune 25 executive (Leader of IBM’s Digital Media Consulting Practice); 4) a renewable energy structured finance executive (VP of Business Development and General Counsel for Clean Fund); and 5) a financial advisor who has participated in over $400 million of financial transactions.

Through his current is work as Managing Director of Exemplar, CEO of AWE Global, Inc. (“AWE”) and CEO of Transformative, Inc., Mark is devoted to his mission of fostering the “Regenerative Economy” to create ecosystemic thriving for people and planet 

Exemplar is a professional knowledge firm that holistically integrates the practices of Law, Tax/CPA, Investment Banking (FINRA-Member Broker-Dealer), Business Strategy and International Structure. As a Public Benefit Corporation and the first fixed price (non-hourly) firm, Exemplar serves revolutionaries, game-changers and eco-social entrepreneurs to help them accelerate and exponentiate their success.

AWE’s mission is to create an Abundant, Well & Empowered world that fosters ecosystemic thriving through the development of regenerative communities, to foster robust local living economies as well as immersive programs that promote optimal wellness and evolved consciousness.

Transformative helps socially & ecologically conscious entrepreneurs and businesses get the resources they need to succeed including financing, team-building, marketing, sales, technology and capital assets.