Mr. Ward possesses the rare gift of exquisitely articulating deep esoteric wisdom as well as transmitting this wisdom to his students through imagery, mythology, ontology, noetic experiences and profound metaphor.

Merrill has been deeply involved is studying and teaching the esoteric wisdom of the Western Mystery School tradition and comparative world religions for over 20 years. His work acts as a transformative catalyst for individuals and groups to gain a richer and deeper understanding of their power, creativity and innate magical abilities aligning them with their true mission and purpose in life.

In addition to his work as an emissary of enlightenment, magick, manifestation and spiritual awareness, Merrill is a seasoned media professional, consultant and producer in the areas of film, commercials, television, music and multi-media. It is through his mastery of imagery and communication that Merrill is able to clearly and effectively communicate, transmit and imbue spiritual wisdom and mysticism into the very fabric of life - making such wisdom practical and approachable for our individual daily lives.

He has worked with numerous top entertainment companies and not-for-profit organizations including, most recently, Rogue Valley - based Land Mind Productions, Ashland's Beach Avenue Productions and Rogue Design Group in addition to internationally renowned production companies, entertainment networks and advertising agencies including The Walt Disney Co., Buena Vista Entertainment, WarnerVision Ent., CBS Television, Dreamworks SKG, Idealab, Sattchi & Saatchi, (NY), Ogilvy & Mathers (NY/LA), BBD&O (Chicago).

For over 25 years, Merrill has held the vision of being intimately involved in developing and managing a spiritual "advancement center" that would provide a dynamic community environment for fostering deep personal and spiritual transformation for the individual and a collective for conscious evolutionary co-creation. He has devoted a substantial portion of his life developing the skills, knowledge and personal integration to possess the credibility to lead such an endeavor.

Merrill is now devoting his passions for co-creating harmonious social networks of empowered individuals, building sustainable community and developing and implementing effective strategic models that support their growth to A.W.E.